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Centralized Assurance Management, LLC

Darryl Andrews and Chris Hottel partnered in 2020 to create Centralized Assurance Management, LLC.  The agency specializes in products and services for multifamily property owners and property management companies. With stock ownership of the insurance company that offers the products, they are able to share the income generated from the policies sold. We are licensed and filed in all 50 states with their Departments of Insurance.

Darryl Andrews

Raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Darryl graduated from Texas Christian University (TCU).  He started working in the automotive financing and leasing industry with auto/truck dealers and national banks. He moved from Chicago back to Texas to become a partner in developing and marketing an insured nationwide home warranty company. After the company was sold, he became a licensed real estate and insurance agent.  He specialized marketing insurance products and services to multifamily owners and property management companies. He and his family reside in Dallas/Fort Worth enjoying golf, running, traveling in his RV bus, visiting wineries, and cooking.

Chris Hottel

Originally from Oklahoma, Chris joined the Navy, and experienced a huge portion of the world. After serving, he began working with a residential mortgage lender and discovered a passion for buying and selling real estate. Nineteen years ago he became a licensed real estate broker and insurance agent in Dallas, Texas. His concentration centered on working with investors dealing with single and multifamily properties and property management companies throughout the southwest. He and his family continue to reside in Dallas/Fort Worth enjoying boating, flying, the beach, and the mountains of Colorado.

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